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A new weekend programme in Right Speech with Compassionate Communication will be offered 20-21 Sept in Forres. Download the flyer here, and see the 'Schedule' page for more info.

Training for your group...

...of 6 or more adults can be arranged in northern or central Scotland.

Compassionate Communication

effective communication Feeling stuck or frustrated in your relationships? Or perhaps drained or stressed out, wanting to find more empathy or effective ways to communicate? Compassion 'n Action offers courses in Compassionate Communication to help you improve relationships with those around you, and within yourself.

What is it?

Compassionate Communication works with an easy-to-understand model that helps you choose words that strengthen relationships. And avoid words that weaken relationships. The model gives you practical and clear steps. Courses give you an opportunity to learn and practise.
Compassionate Communication is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg and the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

How can it help me?

* You can discover how habits and patterns in communicating might be part of the problem.
* You'll learn an easy-to-understand model that can help you speak in ways that invite understanding and connection, rather than reactivity or defensiveness.
* Learn and practise empathy skills.
* Find new ways through conflicts and other challenges.
* Explore ways to be kinder to yourself and others.

Our courses are thought-provoking, interactive, and fun. We use your real-life situations, working in pairs and small groups in a warm, caring and supportive environment.

How do I find out more?

Curious? Start exploring these life-changing skills with videos, downloads, and more on our resources page.
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